74 Great Tasting Low Sodium Recipes (25% to Charity)

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Vegetarians are, as a group, leaner and have lower blood pressure levels and cholesterol levels than comparable meat-eaters — both major risk factors for heart disease 1. Osteoporosis — brittle bones — may be a disease we associate with old age but the prevention of it is firmly rooted in childhood.

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Whilst calcium is important in the diet what is equally important is holding onto this calcium. Animal products tend to cause bones to lose their calcium due to their acidic nature whereas plant proteins tend to encourage bones to hold onto it Keeping active from an early age is crucial in maintaining good bone health as is the limiting of high intakes of salt and phosphorus derived from junk food diets and fizzy drinks.

The World Health Organisation states that obesity is linked to heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, osteoarthritis, gall stones and some cancers and that prevention is the key to tackling weight problems. The Bogalusa Heart Study showed that even mild obesity in childhood is related to higher levels of blood pressure, insulin and cholesterol levels and that to some extent these track into adulthood Numerous studies show that vegetarians are leaner than meat-eaters 24, What is becoming abundantly clear is that the type of degenerative diseases we tend to associate with adulthood are now beginning to occur in childhood.

Weight problems, type II diabetes and the first signs of heart disease are just some of the major degenerative diseases that children are at risk of — both in childhood and in adulthood. For the first time in a century, life expectancy in the UK is set to fall as obesity and associated diseases such as diabetes and heart disease take their toll.

The reason? The cure? Scientific evidence clearly shows us this means plant-based not animal-based foods. We are a vegetarian species and ignore our evolutionary past at our peril. As Professor Colin Campbell -Professor of Nutritional Biochemistry at Cornell University and one time senior science advisor to the World Cancer Research Fund states: "The closer one approaches a total plant food diet, the greater the health benefit Animal foods, in general, are not really helpful and we need to get away from eating them.

Slow-cooked Lamb Shanks

Balanced plant-based vegetarian and vegan diets can extend healthy life expectancy by greatly reducing the risks of many degenerative diseases. Diet, Nutrition and Health. BMA Report; London Stationary Office June Clinical and Experimental Allergy; Archives of Disease in Childhood; Sunday Mirror. Teach Services. The Effect of Diet on Risk of Cancer. The Lancet; The Lancet; American Journal of Clinical Nutrition; International Journal of Cancer; Meat, Processed Meat and Colorectal Cancer.

NEJM; 5 ; E Goldman Ed.

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Stop Bugging Me. Campaigns Ltd. N Engl J Med; Health Benefits of a Vegetarian Diet. Diet, Nutrition and the Prevention ofChronic Diseases.

Pressure group study backs salt reduction

Plasma Cholesterol and Blood Pressure in Vegetarians. Human Nutr. The China Diet and Health Study. Good Medicine vol. III, No. Skip to main content. Google Tag Manager. Main Logo. Search form. Donate Join Donate. Leave a Legacy.

Healthy Recipe: Vietnamese Vegetable Spring Rolls

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