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With several dramatic mountain ranges, superb beaches, numerous historic towns and a web of working villages with traditions straight out of the nineteenth century, Bulgaria has a wealth of attractions crammed into a relatively compact country. More than anything else, this is a land of adventures: once you step off the beaten track, road signs and bus timetables often disappear or are only in Cyrillic , and few people speak a foreign language, but almost everyone you meet will be determined to help you on your way.

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Every detail, every excursion and activity, can be chosen to suit your interests… and believe me, there are plenty of choices on offer in this part of the world! Let me plan your Balkans private tour, or your Bulgaria getaway, and you could spend it hiking through breathtaking scenery, sampling local wines and cuisine, engaging with the locals and making new friends, or visiting cultural heritage sites, museums or folk festivals.

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Custom Tours. What is in it for you? Fully Customised Tours. Personalised, Private Service. Home-made rakia may include some special ingredients such as anise, honey, milk, natural gum and lozenges. Finding accommodation in Bulgaria is very easy, for any price. You can find everything - from hostels in Sofia and Plovdiv, very cheap boarding houses along the coast to inexpensive hotels in all cities and luxury hotels in large cities.

There are many "mountain huts" or villas available for rent all around the mountains in the country. Overnight accommodations can also be acquired at about a dozen of the monasteries. There are also plenty of guest houses and villas. Bulgaria is famous for offering quality budget accommodation for rural and ecological tourism in charming small towns in its mountains as well as at the seaside.

Bulgaria Travel Guide: Everything you need to know

In some of the coastal villages, elderly ladies often approach tourists disembarking from coaches and trains, offering accommodation in boarding houses. The oldest Bulgarian university is the Sofia University "St.

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Kliment Ohridski" that in celebrated years from its foundation. It is considered to be the largest and most prestigious university center. For most subjects, programs are available in Bulgarian or English, depending on the university. Elementary and middle schools are supported by local authorities budget. As with most nations, teachers complain about small salaries.

Literacy is nearly universal. Bulgarian people speak mostly English, German, French and Russian. The last one offers also degrees in German language. Bulgaria is generally a very safe country, and people are quite friendly. You should however behave according to common sense when you are outside of the main tourist areas, i.

Bulgaria sightseeing. Travel guide - attractions, sights, nature and touristic places

Stepping in a hole is a much greater danger in Bulgaria than getting robbed. The pan-European standard number for all emergency calls is working everywhere in Bulgaria since September If, for some reason, you can not connect to , dial for police, for ambulance and for the fire department. Driving in Bulgaria can be fairly nerve-wracking, and Bulgarian roads have claimed lives in and this is a decreasing figure compared with previous years.

Of significant notation that the Bulgarian road system is largely underdeveloped. There are few sections of limited-access divided highway. Some roads are in poor repair and full of potholes. The use of seat belts is mandatory in Bulgaria for all passengers, except pregnant women.

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In practice, these rules are often not followed. Take caution while crossing the streets, as generally, drivers are extremely impatient and will largely ignore your presence whilst crossing the road. In general, organised crime is a serious issue throughout Bulgaria, however it usually does not affect tourists and ordinary people.

Bulgaria is safer than most European countries with regard to violent crime, and the presence of such groups is slowly declining. Pickpocketing and scams such as taxi scams or confidence tricks are present on a wider scale, so be careful, especially in crowded places such as train stations, urban public transport. Car theft is probably the most serious problem that travellers can encounter.

If you drive an expensive car, do not leave it in unguarded parking lots or on the streets - these locations are likely to attract more attention from the criminals. If, by any chance you do leave it in such a location, you need to be sure that the vehicle has a security system. Such an installment will prevent the vehicle from getting stolen.

Travelers should also be cautious about making credit card charges over the Internet to unfamiliar websites.

As recent experiences has shown, offers for merchandise and services may be scam artists posing as legitimate businesses. A recent example involves Internet credit card payments to alleged tour operators via Bulgaria-based websites. In several cases, the corresponding businesses did not actually exist.


Sofia - Capital of Bulgaria | All You Need to Know During Your Trip to Sofia

As a general rule, do not purchase items of websites you are unfamiliar with. Bulgaria is still largely a cash economy. Due to the potential for fraud and other criminal activity, credit cards should be used sparingly and with extreme caution. Skimming devices, surreptitiously attached to ATMs by criminals, are used to capture cards and PINs for later criminal use, including unauthorized charges or withdrawals, are very common in Bulgaria.

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If you are unsure which ATM to use, it's best to use your cash instead of a credit card. Also, be careful with the cash you are dealing with. Remember that Bulgaria is one of the biggest bases for money forging of foreign currency, so pay attention to your euros, dollars and pounds. On occasion, taxi drivers overcharge unwary travelers, particularly at Sofia Airport and the Central Train Station. Travelers are recommended to use taxis with meters and clearly marked rates displayed on a sticker on the passenger side of the windshield, as generally these Taxi's charge a normal amount, and the taxis with no meters charge for very unfair prices.

One useful tip is to check the price for your trip from a trustful source beforehand, such as a friend or an official at station or tourist bureau. If by any chance you are trying to be lured into such rouge taxis, it is best to reject the offer, or just simply walk off. Bulgaria has very harsh drug laws , and the penalties are perhaps far more severe than in any other country in Europe. After mass protests in the end of and the beginning of , the Istanbul Convention was officially rejected. So be careful in talking and do not express obvious homosexual or transgender behavior.

Otherwise you could possibly be attacked by skinheads or nationalists. Do not exchange currency on the street! It is a common scam to offer you fake money as exchange in tourist areas such as stations. Stray dogs are common all over Bulgaria. While most are friendly and are more scared of you than you are scared of them, they have been responsible for a number of accidents, so do keep on guard. There is rabies in Bulgaria, so any animal bites should receive immediate medical attention.

Corruption exists in Bulgaria as in many other European countries. For example, some policemen or officials may request you a bribe for certain action. Corruption in customs was also once a problem, but has dropped drastically since the country's EU entry. The government has fiercely fought the corruption with a huge success.

Unfortunately begging and random people trying to sell you stuff is quite common in Bulgaria.