Concerto Grosso Op. 3 No. 2 - Cello Solo

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The sixth movement is a beautiful and serene Pastorale in a lilting meter. When Bach was learning about counterpoint, and becoming the master we know today, he spent a lot of time studying the works of the great composers who had come before him. One of his greatest influences was Antonio Vivaldi. The Concerto in A minor for Four Harpsichords utilizes the harmonic capability of the keyboard instruments, as the original solo instruments do not have the ability to play full chords.

The result is a rare and utterly charming example of the Baroque concerto grosso. Explore the genesis of the Baroque repertoire with this three concert series.

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Legendary musicians introduce the works from the stage and engage the audience in short, compelling talks. Join concertmaster Margaret Batjer for a three concert series of remarkable chamber works by one of the most recognized and influential musicians of any period: Beethoven. Subscribe today. The fourth concerto, which starts with a stately Frenchstyle overture, is the only one in the series that was written by Handel as one whole, in other words not based on parts of older compositions.

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It was not entirely new either, because Handel had already used it once as an instrumental interlude in his opera Amadigi. When, starting in , Handel was enjoying success in London with his large English oratorios, he used the concerti grossi again as interludes in oratorio performances. Just like Bach, who wrote his Mass in B Minor almost entirely on the basis of music from his secular cantatas, Handel was a composer who dealt with his material in an economical fashion.

In his Concerti grossi opus 3, Handel makes optimal use of the possibilities of the genre.

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A feature of the concerto grosso is that the orchestra consists of a solo group, the concertino, and a tutti group, the ripieno. Corelli and Geminiani used two violins and a cello as concertino, and Handel did the same in his twelve Concerti grossi opus 6 from The oboe is the main solo instrument, even more so than the violin. A concertino for two oboes and bassoon forms the counterpart to the string concertino of two violins and cello. In the third concerto we also hear an important flute solo, and the sixth concerto ends with a section for solo organ.

There are also remarkable combinations of solo instruments, such as oboe with two recorders and oboe with two cellos in the second concerto. With respect to form too, Handel moulded the genre of the concerto grosso.

Vivaldi, Antonio L. (1678-1741) violin concerto for 2 violins in A minor opus 3 no. 8, RV 522

He created a synthesis between the various national styles, with a multicoloured variety of French dances and German fugues in ever-changing orders per concerto. Het ensembles repertoire omvatte vooral stukken uit de jaren tot In hebben zij Arminio uitgevoerd; de enige opera van Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber die bewaard is gebleven.

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