Etudes finno-ougriennes (French Edition)

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London, The complete and detailed survey of uralic studies, taking into account complexity and internationalism, has yet to be written. Even the study of the various treatises, textbooks and bibliographies will not give a complete and comprehensive picture. The classic of this field is Julius Krohn's work: Suomen suvun pakanallinen jumalanpalvelus. Helsinki, — Hungary's Northern brothers. Budapest, In Hungarian. Dublin, This was the official textbook of comparative Finno-Ugrian Linguistics in Hungarian universities.

The most detailed information about the lectures at the Congresses are contained in the following volumes: Congressus Internationalis Fenno-Ugristarum Budapestini habitus 20— Pars I. Acta Ethnologica, Helsinki, Acta Linguistica. Acta Sessionum. Budapest , before the publication of the five volumes of the Congress Google Scholar.

Virtaranta, Pertti: Fennougristik als Forschungsdisziplin in der Welt. Summary of the 2nd Conference of the Mother Tongue. Pertti Virtaranta ja Kari Tolvanen: Suomea ulkomailla. Finnish Language Abroad Helsinki, Due to the great number of works on Uralic literatures in Hungarian, Finnish and Estonian, manuals, textbooks, bibliographies, year-books, memorial volumes, journals and incidental publications, we cannot mention them here. We will merely note that the great majority of achievements in Uralic studies from the birth of the science to our day are contained in the publications not listed.

The main theoretical and methodological problems of world literature history. In Hungarian, in: Helikon. Budapest Heusler, A.

Darmstadt, Berkeley and Los Angeles, Gabain, A. Keszthelyi, Tibor: The creation and development of African literature to our day.

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Retamar, R. In Hungarian in: Helikon, The Literature of Latin-America. In Hungarian. Unfortunately, there are very few reliable bibliographies in this field. Most of the relevant works generally follow the fate and reception the literature concerned only in a single language territory. Finnish Literature in Foreign Languages , Helsinki, , which traces the propagation of Finnish literature throughout Europe and beyond.

Wichmann, Y. I found original and translated poetry Kuzebaj, Gerd: Votjakkilaisesta taidekirjallisuudesta. On Votiak Literature. Valvoja-Aika, Eesti kirjandus, As examples suitable for linguistic textual analysis, T. Uotila quotes a few poems of I.

Kuratov and Ilya Vas V. Revue des Etudes Hongroises et Finnoougriennes. The reception of Finnish Literature in Hungary. Hungarian Literature in Finnish Language. Publicationes Instituti Hungarici Universitatis Helsingiensis 2. The Reception of Hungarian literature in Estonia. Bibliography of the literature of the Finno-Ugrian peoples. The history of European Literature. The History of World Literature. Although Antal Szerb mentions the Kalevala and says a few words about the folklore of the Ob-Ugrians: this brief and slightly ironic review cannot in any way be considered a definitive evaluation of Uralic literatures.

Irodalmi Lexikon. Encyclopedia of Literature. Budapest, , ed. Encyclopedia of World Literature.

Budapest, — Domokos, P. Unfortunately, the lecture was left omitted out. Tallinn Moreau J. Midday and midnight. The folk poetry of our Finno-Ugrian relatives. Bear song. Little mirror of the literature of the Eastern Finno-Ugrian peoples. The History of Udmurt literature. Coates: Aspects of Komi Literature.

Cambridge, Etudes Finno-Ougriennes. Quaderni italo-ungheresi. We cannot even come close to making a complete list of the works worthy of mention.

Therefore, we will mention only the most important and most current literary historical works, and basic anthologies —according to the people. The entire 6th volume is a bibliography, the most comprehensive compendium of the literatures of the Soviet nationalities. From the Traces of Ancient Hungarian Poetry. Studies on ancient and modern poetry, Budapest, Download preview PDF.

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Uralic studies and the research of literatures in Uralic languages. Article First Online: 01 March This process is experimental and the keywords may be updated as the learning algorithm improves.

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This is a preview of subscription content, log in to check access. Uppsala, Budapest, Helsinki, Google Scholar. We are thinking here primarily of a few publications which have appeared in journals or volumes. The authors are well-known linguists. Stockholm, Austerlitz, Robert: Obi-Ugric Metrics.

Sebeok, A. New York-London, Uralic or Finno-Ugrian? Budapest, , Pars I. Archeology and anthropology. Material culture. Folk art and mythology, tries to satisfy this demand, at least in part. The book has appeared in Hungarian, Finnish and English, its French translation is in progress. Bloomington — The Hague, Finnisch-Ugrische Forschungen.

Helsinki Etudes Finno-Ougriennes. Paris-Budapest Google Scholar.