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So, yeah I lifted the sentient dwelling from Richard K. But he lifted his hyperspatial needlecast from Le Guin as well. But there is another piece of tech that I added, sort of as an afterthought to clarify another point in the second book, which really caught my attention once I invented it.

Enter the holomat — a completely programmable 3-D application in real time that will let you visualize in all your favorite MMA moves and kill over and over again, with nary a single drop of blood to soil your bedroom carpet. Yes, kiddies, you too can learn to kill in the privacy of your own room and hey, if you screw up and get your butt kicked, you can just reset it and try again! Huss with a Clutch bookmark and sticker U. ONLY a Rafflecopter giveaway.

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ARC Review: Range (I Am Not Junco #4) and The Magpie Bridge (#4.5) by J.A. Huss

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Ask me how you can save or get it free! Who doesn't like free money? Geek Unboxing Want a cheap nerdy subscription box? Check it out Love Make-up? Don't miss my latest Ipsy Glam Bag Review! More filters. Sort order. This series is really fascinating. There are so many changes in characters, who can be trusted and who is the enemy. At the end of this book, Junco is entrusting her heart yet again.

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But is she making the right choice and what and who is in her future? Hell if I know.

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  • View all 3 comments. Feb 23, ClosetReader rated it it was amazing. Hold onto your grandmas because there is no preparing yourself to read this book.

    Range I Am Just Junco Book 4

    I went in blind. A blind, romance only reader. Good lord I wasn't prepared.

    I Am Just Junco

    I'm not sure what can prepare someone for this type of ride but it's worth it. I am jacked up on adrenaline. I could not get enough of Junco. She is a tough nut to crack and I'm afraid we haven't even scratched the surface. So much happens in these three books it's hard to narrow it all down into a proper review. Let me make it easy for you Hold onto your grandmas because there is no preparing yourself to read this book. No, it is not romance. Yes it is sci-fi.

    But Huss does what only Huss can do. She writes an amazing story and then infuses it with the classic Huss-mind-fuckery she is known for and that only she can do. The twist and turn and adventure these characters are on is one only Huss can create. I'm getting twitchy right now because I need to start the fourth, so this will be quick.

    I have to tell you I have never read a story like this ever. Sci-fi is new to me, I did not know how I would feel about the genre. It really doesn't matter what genre your reading, when the writing, storyline, and characters are impeccable! Why isn't everyone reading this great series??

    May 05, B. This volume includes the first three books in the 'I Am Junco' series. Please see my individual reviews for each book. While there are some things that happen in the books that I don't like as a reader, the overall story, so far, still makes it a worthwhile read. Junco's memory issues, the use of clones, mythology, and the opposing sides with differing interests all add to Junco's - and the reader's - confusion about what is real and who to believe.

    I will add that I am not happy with h Fabulous! I will add that I am not happy with how the third book ends in this volume, but I will keep reading the series and hope that I am not disappointed in the end. Aug 09, Dava Stewart rated it really liked it.

    Junco’s mission is clear.

    This book has all sorts of things that don't generally appeal to me: aliens sort of , political intrigue, lots of fights and descriptions of fights and military-ness. However, the first book hooked me pretty hard, and I will admit to leaving some more important tasks and responsibilities waiting while I read all three. It was almost a relief to finish it because I had stuff that I needed to get done!

    Junco is a strong, female character. Imperfect characters are more appealing than flat ones. One thing that jumped out and really bugged me was the twining in the third book. Why could Junco "put up walls" and not share her thoughts or hear Isten's thoughts, but Isten couldn't do the same? Also, if they are twined even in death, why couldn't she hear Gideon's thoughts, or he hers while they were separated?

    Those petty points aside, it's a fun read. I'm not sure if I'll read the rest of the series or not -- after three books in any series I'm usually pretty sated.