Fundamentos de las Infraestructuras de Datos Espaciales (IDE) (Spanish Edition)

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The Commission takes a very favourable view of learning mobility. As repeatedly updeld by the Court of Justice of the European Union, EU nationals should not be discriminated against in access to any course of education. In addition, the Commission is also proposing a loan guarantee scheme to support Master's degree students wishing to undertake their course of studies abroad. Asylverfahren bei Kindern werden rasch abgewickelt. Welche Erfahrungen wurden in anderen Mitgliedstaaten hinsichtlich Schneeballeffekt durch. In developing countries people-smugglers deliberately recruit those wishing to leave the country and do not shrink from using force to make people sell their homes and cattle and migrate.

Austria is now attempting to stop this snowball effect by issuing tokens instead of cash. Since children and adolescents receive preferential treatment, many refugees are made younger — at least on paper — by the smugglers by means of false papers. Determination of age using X-rays could put a stop to this abuse.

However, the most recent trend is now to take children from Afghans who are stranded in Greek refugee camps and to put them outside the camp gate in Traiskirchen. Asylum procedures are settled quickly in the case of children. What experiences have other Member States had regarding the snowball effect due to. In which Member States is age already determined by X-rays and in which ones is this still planned?


It is up to the Member States to decide the amount, which is expected to cover necessary expenses. The exploitation of children and under-aged is unacceptable regardless of whether they are seeking international protection or not. What view does the Commission take of progress in quality assurance in higher education in the Member States? Thanks to the Bologna Process and the European agenda for modernising higher education, considerable progress has been made in the last decade in establishing a European quality assurance QA system.

Europe now has a functioning network of quality assurance agencies, and the European Register of QA Agencies was established in to foster cooperation and mutual trust. However, this progress does not mean any abandoning of objectives and there remain areas for improvement. The Commission's Progress Report on Quality Assurance in higher education concluded that strengthening the international dimension of quality assurance should be the main focus for further development.

The central challenge is adapting national legislation to make it possible for universities to be assessed by non-national quality assurance agencies. Greece, like many other EU countries, has not yet done this and its quality assurance agencies are not yet members of ENQA nor listed on the European Register.

The Commission's second report on quality assurance, due by end , will assess progress since , looking, for example, at the transparency of quality assurance mechanisms, , the added value of the European Standards and Guidelines and quality assurance mechanisms that stimulate cross-border cooperation by higher education institutions.

Can the Commission say which bodies in Greece received funding, and how much for the distribution of food to the most deprived persons?

What exactly were the administrative shortcomings referred to by the Commission which prevented the complete absorption of funds by Greece? Does the Commission have any information regarding the take-up of funding under the plan for the distribution of food to the most deprived persons by Greece for ? Member States dispose of significant freedom in planning and implementing the food distribution programme at national level, including also the selection of the beneficiary organisations.

For more information on the beneficiary organisations, the Commission would refer the Honourable Member to the Greek competent authorities, i. According to the information provided by the national authorities, this deadline could not be met because of problems encountered in the tendering procedure for the selection of the operator in charge of the supply of dairy products. The current economic crisis affecting the Member States of the eurozone has placed the most vulnerable members of society at greater risk of homelessness. As a result of the crisis a steadily increasing number of people are for the first time finding themselves in this situation, having been abruptly deprived of their jobs and homes and having no family to fall back on.

Is the Commission gathering data for the purposes of ETHOS regarding the number of the homeless in the Member States and the number of those losing or at risk of losing their homes? Has any increase in these percentages been observed in recent years? Has Greece earmarked any European Social Fund appropriations for measures to deal with the issue of homelessness? Would the Commission consider promoting a programme similar to the programme for the provision of food for the most deprived persons free food for the most deprived persons , to ensure that resources are directly used by the Member States, without any national contribution being required, to address especially urgent cases of homelessness?

However, important progress has been made in collecting data bearing on the insecurity or inadequacy of housing. Work under the aegis of the Social Protection Committee has led to development of three indicators on housing costs and housing deprivation in Member States. Data on these indicators is available from Eurostat. Greece has not earmarked European Social Fund funding to support homeless people in the current programming period. The responsibility for identifying the target groups for food support lies with the Member States. What criteria does the Commission intend to apply in adopting a pan-European university classification system?

What user-friendly tools will it recommend with a view to informing prospective students about the best universities for their chosen subjects?

The Commission is of the view that the potential of higher education to contribute to European economic and social growth has not been fully realised. Higher education institutions need to adapt to changing demands, raise higher education attainment levels and increase the quality and societal and economic relevance of higher education. The diversity of higher education institutions in Europe is one of their strengths: but more transparency would better serve students, inform policymaking at national as well as European level, and enable institutions to develop strategies based on their specific strengths.

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Existing university rankings tend to focus on research , ignoring performance in other important areas. The Commission's initiative will develop a multidimensional ranking tool, based on a range of criteria such as teaching quality, regional engagement, internationalisation and knowledge transfer, as well as research. It will be fair — comparing like with like — and independent. It will allow institutions to benchmark themselves against similar institutions at national and international level.

The ranking system will include a user-friendly web interface enabling every user to create a personal ranking, tuned to their preferences, with clear explanations of what is being measured by each of the performance indicators in every dimension.

It will allow users to pre-filter institutions according to certain criteria e. Pre-defined user profiles will make it highly accessible for non-specialist users. In the Czech Republic, nine out of ten of websites failed this check. According to the Commission, the most frequent shortcomings were in advertisements for personal loans, credit cards or other types of consumer credit, which contained incomplete, misleading or incorrect information.

And it is precisely this information that is crucial for people considering a loan. Ten websites were investigated in the Czech Republic, of which nine failed.

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What measures does the Commission intend to take in order to correct this situation? The Commission coordinates and monitors the sweeps. It will report on the outcome of the s enforcement phase in Komise dne The proposals announced for changes to the directive that governs the mutual recognition of professional qualifications say doctors and other healthcare professionals can face competence checks by authorities after registration although it is not clear who would carry these out on self-employed people. How will the Commission ensure patient safety is not at risk because, despite changes to rules on the movement of labour proposed by the European Commission, EU doctors will still be able to register in the host country without being tested on knowledge of its language or medical competence?

The proposal does not introduce changes to competence checks of healthcare professionals. The proposal provides for the possibility for Member States' competent authorities to check the language knowledge of EU doctors if there is a serious and concrete doubt about their sufficient language skills. In the case of professions with patient safety implications, Member States may confer to the competent authorities the right to carry out language checks covering all professionals concerned if it is expressly requested by the national healthcare system.

Oggetto: Inadempienze dell'Enel nella fornitura di energia elettrica a un agriturismo. Successivamente l'Enel ha chiesto altri 12mila euro per l'interramento dei cavi elettrici.

An entrepreneur obtained a year licence from the Apulian regional authorities to run a small forestry tourism business, a lodge, in the Umbra forest, on the Gargano peninsula. However, the plan never got off the ground, owing to the lack of an electricity supply. According to the information provided by the concerned managing authorities, the project referred to by the Honourable Member did not receive any EU funding from the European Regional Development Fund, nor from the Rural Development Programme for the Puglia Region. Irrespective of any European funding for the project, the information provided by the Honourable Member indicates that any redress of the current situation should be sought first of all from the Italian authorities.

I quotidiani riportano la scoperta di un gesto di oltraggio alla memoria dei deportati di Roma avvenuto di recente. La Commissione ha a cuore la preservazione della memoria delle vittime dei crimini commessi dal nazismo. In tal modo si aiutano i cittadini a comprendere meglio il proprio passato comune e i valori su cui si fonda l'Unione europea, in particolare il recupero e il mantenimento della pace e della democrazia.

Precision and accuracy of the static GNSS method for surveying networks used in Civil Engineering

La Commissione non dispone di informazioni specifiche in merito al furto avvenuto presso il memoriale di via Santa Maria in Monticelli. L'istituzione e la gestione di siti commemorativi all'interno dell'UE sono di competenza degli Stati membri. Newspapers have reported the discovery of an act which took place recently and which is an affront to the memory of the deportees from Rome. He had installed them a few days ago at Via Santa Maria, in Monticelli, in front of the house from which the three Spizzichino sisters were taken to be deported, during the Second World War.

The stones were dug up and replaced with three normal cobblestones. This being so, could the Commission say whether it would be possible for monuments of historical importance, such as the one described, to be recognised as sites of European Historic Memory for the purposes of preservation, so that works of this importance can be preserved in better conditions and with greater protection?