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Her debut album, Impossible, immediately shot to the top 10 on the iTunes, Billboard and Amazon charts. Aubrey has spent more time at the top of the charts lately than she has in an airport, and travel has been a permanent fixture for her in the last couple of years. In Byhalia, Jim and Laurel are a young married couple, struggling with employment, parental interference and the impending birth of their first child, but when something happens that turns their world upside down, can they find their way back to each other?

This southern fried merry-goround will have audiences rooting for our heroes while wiping away tears of laughter.

Anoushiravan Rohani is one of the greatest Iranian pianist and composer. Many of his songs have been performed in different languages in several countries. Among the many international honors that Anoushiravan has received, he was awarded the first prize in Spain's Music Festival for his song Mi Destino Spanish version of Soltan-e-Ghalbhaa. Besides writing and performing his own music, Chieli shares his guitar brilliance throughout the entertainment world. Although renowned in the jazz and pop world, Chieli is also a gifted television and film composer.

He has won 3 Emmy Awards and been nominated 10 times for his eclectic compositional work.

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His music can also be heard on the soundtracks of the films Bowfinger, Legally Blonde, Panic, and others. Chieli's original scoring work can be heard in live stage productions of Peter Pan, Dora the Explorer, Thomas the Tank Engine, and others.

Hellboy II: The Golden Army

From birth to death, through joy, loss, and sorrow, the Sacramento Master Singers will celebrate our lives, their benchmark moments, their ups and downs, with song. His father, the legendary Clifton Chenier, invented the style of music we know today as Zydeco and was the first Creole musician to be recognized with a Grammy Award. After spending his childhood in the tough tenement housing projects of Port Arthur, Texas, C. On the road his father showed him how to front a world class touring band, teaching C.

When Clifton died in his son, C. At first each performance stuck to the program — one duo followed by the other duo, with a grand finale of all four playing together. The duo part was great, but the quartet thing was downright exciting.

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From an audience point of view there is something richly satisfying in experiencing these four women onstage with a dynamic ranging from tender, ethereal songs to raucous barn-burners. Webster and Delgado sing most of the leads — Chris often expertly playing a washboard while Delgado drives the band with her percussion. With a beautiful set of original music mixed with surprisingly original takes on a few choice covers, Duo Quartet brings to the stage a band that is greater than the sum of its already impressive parts.

She has choreographed for Richmond Ballet and Smuin Ballet, among others. As a founding member of Tower of Power, legendary for his arrangements that made the TOP horn section a sought out entity all its own. It has been nearly a quarter century since the genre chameleon trumpeter and arranger became a leader in his own right with his ground breaking debut Hidden Agenda. You will sense a direct connection with the live feel of the music, the open breath of each note and the collaboration of each player.

This band packs a punch with a powerhouse repertoire and captivating stage performance, performing the hits from their former bands and original music. Expect stellar musicianship, and harmony-heavy, epic vocals.

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Follow two best friends, the cheerful Frog and the grumpy Toad, as they hop, sing, and dance their way through a year of adventure. As the seasons change from spring to fall, these beloved characters learn lessons about life and the importance of friendship. Every day, on average, twenty-two veterans commit suicide. Each year seventy-four hundred current and former members of the United States Armed Services take their own lives.

Every day. That number does not include drug overdoses or car wrecks or any of the more inventive ways somebody might less obviously choose to die. It seems trivial to suggest those lives might be saved — healed, even — by a song. By the process of writing a song. Something about writing that song — telling that story — is healing. What Smith calls post-traumatic-growth. And none are about her. Each song on Rifles and Rosary Beads is a gut punch: deceptively simple and emotionally complex. Straight White Men, the celebrated and lauded comedy from Young Jean Lee, is a searing examination of privilege and family dynamics.

With sympathy, gut busting humor and razor sharp insight, Young Jean Lee has created a perfect snapshot of America. Her unique melting pot of musical influences have garnered her a devout international following.

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  7. The eloquent and soft-spoken but yet deliberate musician tours relentlessly and seeks to make a genuine connection with her audience. The music creates a oneness. The exchange I share with my audience is the root of my energy. Shelley Burns has been performing professionally virtually all of her life, and is regarded as one of the premier jazz vocalists on the west coast.

    Her recordings have been heard on jazz radio stations across the nation, and she has appeared at many jazz festivals in the U.


    S, as well as in Scotland and Canada. Shelley has conducted vocal workshops in conjunction with jazz festivals in the U. Throughout the s she appeared yearly in Greece at leading jazz clubs, even conducting a jazz vocal camp in Athens. She is also a marvelous comedic actress and has often been compared to Carol Burnett and Imogene Coca. Like them, she can fracture an audience with laughter, or mesmerize them with a beautiful song. An award-winning harmonica player and singer-songwriter, his accomplishments include over 20 CDs four in Europe , performing with jazz organist Jimmy Smith and other jazz and blues icons at Carnegie Hall's "Blues in Jazz" event in and topping his year association with guitar innovator Harvey Mandel Canned Heat, the Chicago Blues Reunion at West-Fest, the 40th anniversary of Woodstock.

    All of these men have played and recorded with a list of world-famous artists that can be considered the Who's Who of the music business. As Bill Champlin has said, "There are harmonica players who play music and musicians who play harmonica.

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    Mick is in the latter category. And, man, do we have a great time when we play. Fast Forward highlights the strength and innovation as it features the future of ballet.

    Titles — Art of the Title

    Sacramento Ballet Artistic Director Amy Seiwert opens the performance seamlessly blending dance with interactive technology developed by software artist Frieder Weiss. He also served as guest Choreographic Mentor for Beer and Ballet last season. He will do that again this year.

    But those who know Flan understand how much music has always meant to him. So while he is beyond proud, and certainly humble, about being part of three World Series championship San Francisco Giants teams , , , as well as his thirty plus years in the Major Leagues and his current TV work as a baseball analyst, Tim Flannery has consistently toured and played shows in support of his original music usually backed by his amazing band, The Lunatic Fringe. The music now also serves another purpose: the revenue from CD sales, merchandise, and ticket sales benefits his non-profit, the Love Harder Project c 3 , for anti-bullying and anti-violence programs across the country.

    The wanderers travel with a film projector, pointing it at the side of a barn. As the images flicker to life beneath the stars, gypsy musicians play their guitars and fiddles, matching every movement on the screen with characteristic virtuosity, passion and humor. Reviving this lost entertainment, The Hot Club of San Francisco presents Cinema Vivant, an evening of vintage silent films accompanied by live gypsy swing.

    Cinema Vivant is a celebration of imagination and innovation. Before World War I, European filmmaker Ladislaw Starewicz pioneered stop-action animation, creating a never-before-seen movie experience. A gifted storyteller who used the new medium of animation to illuminate his fantastic imaginings of the secret lives of ordinary objects, Starewicz has become an obscure cult hero. There It Is, a recently rediscovered film by Bowers, is a whimsical comedy about a mysterious occurrence investigated by Scotland Yard.

    Stroll Down Penny Lane is a live performance with beautiful accompanying films of the music of the most iconic songwriter of our age: Paul McCartney.