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The Big Bad Wolf ran away never to be seen again. Little Red Riding Hood had learnt her lesson and never spoke to strangers ever again. This story I have to say is only so-so. I get that people want it to be short, I just wish it were slightly longer and less robotic sounding.

If this short of a story is what is being read to children, that upsets me and my family in a moderate fashion. I would like it if you could see the snarky behavior of the wolf, perhaps by adding length.

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I am moderately disapointed for the children who get this read to them, as no personality can be found in the characters to connect them to the plot. Can I have a permission to copy down to my homework? Wolves don't talk and they don't eat humans unless they have illnesses like rabies. This story is completely stupid, ridiculous, insane and insulting to wolves. I won't let my kids read this if I were you. No offense to anyone. But thanks for the story anyway.

I'm doing a project on wolves and this is very useful as an example of the rumours humans have spread about wolves through the ages. It's a "Fairy Tale" you idiot that teaches some a good lesson — "Children, don't talk to strangers"!!!! I'm a stranger to u! Madeline Leung What idiot parent leaves their toddler child to be lost.

What did I do as a child without a smartphone in the 's??? Your an ahole.

Sexing the epiphany in “Moments of being”, Woolf’s nice little story about sapphism

This story needs to be get rid off four ever for our sake. He isn't "bad". He's only trying to find something to eat. This story tells kids that even if u talk to strangers, someone will come and save you. Which isn't always true. The is not a correct synopsis of the story. The grandmother and Little Red Riding Hood were both eaten but survived when the huntsman cut open the wolfs gut and replaced them with stones which ultimately killed the wold.

The grandmother was most assuredly NOT locked in a cupboard. Why did you change it? I was reding this wabsite and witle reb riyding was a god and halp her mom tak her same foods in they moning. Awesome story I never read this type of story From this story is understand that never talk with any stranger????

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Hi, I have used this text to analyse for my A-Level English Language class and I was just wondering is anyone could tell me the name of the author of this adaptation and around the date when it was written? I need to add them to my bibliography!

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Waad Saeed. Who narrator? Dineez Elivera.

Jaman Lewiser. Jennnifer Wilkanidge. Good point. If you like fairy tales you should also read land of stories. Moderately disapointed. Cameron Edwards. Sarah Robertson. Great thx. Malaika Khan. A very good website. This is a very gentle story and friendly with kids. I just love Little red riding hood. Diana Shahida. Just Your Friendly Neighbourhood. Madeline Leung. Jacquelynn Michele Kane. Andres De Jesus Bueso Linares. Jorge Alves.

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