Keeping Under the Spout Where the Glory Comes Out

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But if there are only 4 inches between the holes, you need to get a center-spread or a mini-wide-spread faucet, a single unit encompassing the valves, the spout, and the connection between. A center-spread faucet has an escutcheon plate linking the pieces on top of the sink, while a mini-wide-spread looks like three independent pieces when viewed from above. Faucets usually come from the manufacturer with everything except the lines to connect the water supplies to the valves some handles are sold separately.

For these you can use braided lines, which are very easy to install but should only be used where hidden; or rigid lines, which work better when the area under the sink is exposed. Putting the faucet on is just a matter of piecing everything together in the right order.

The drinking fountains of Rome.

But TOH plumbing and heating expert Richard Trethewey says that novices can get tripped up in making connections, either by overtightening fittings which can crack the sink or cause leaks or by not holding lines steady as they turn the wrench. You should also be careful not to twist yourself as you work beneath the sink.

Turn off the hot- and cold-water shutoff valves under the sink. Remove the faucet and supply lines. Unscrew the metal rim around the drain the drain collar from the pipe underneath the drain rim. Clean all the holes with rubbing alcohol. To begin installing the new faucet, center the spout in the sink's middle hole.

From below, slide the flat washer over the threads, then screw on the mounting nut. Hand-tighten the nut. Then have a helper hold the spout centered on the top of the sink, making sure the hole for the drain stopper's lift rod faces the back. Using a basin wrench, snug the mounting nut until the spout is secure.

Hand-tighten the three-way spout tee at the spout's bottom as shown , leaving the openings facing the hot and cold valves. Check the spout's alignment, then lock into place by tightening the set screw on the back with an Allen wrench. Tip: Don't over tighten the mounting nut or you could risk cracking the sink porcelain. Loosen the mounting nut and washer on one of the valves, then push the valve up through the sink hole. Attach the escutcheon from above.

Tighten the mounting nut from under the sink by hand, then with a wrench. Repeat for the other valve. Screw the two short braided lines to the hot and cold valves and then to each side of the spout tee. Finger tighten all four nuts. Then, using an adjustable wrench, tighten each one another quarter-turn.

Don't overtighten these nuts because you could damage the compression fittings and cause leaks.

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Fit the faucet handles onto the valves. Adjust them so they face straight to the sides when turned off and straight forward when on. Hold these positions by tightening the set screws with an Allen wrench. If your faucet valves are not directly above your water supply lines, you'll need to bend the top portion of the rigid supply lines into an S shape so they will reach the valves and screw onto them straight. Slide a tube bender over the supply line and bring it to the end with the acorn head.

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Being careful not to kink the metal, gingerly bend the line. Make a second bend in the other direction to get the pipe to gracefully zigzag; the ends should be offset from each other but still look parallel. Disconnect the line and use a pipe cutter to cut along this mark. Repeat on the other supply line. Hand-tighten it to the faucet valve over the acorn head.

Hand-tighten the nut to the water shutoff valve over the ferrule. Repeat for the other supply line.

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Tip: Get more access to the connection at the water shutoff valve by removing the valve's knob. Just be sure to hold the knob to keep the water supply turned off as you loosen its set screw. Using tongue-and-groove pliers, unscrew the nuts holding together the trap, the drain tailpiece, and the drain rim under the sink, and remove them all. Thread a large mounting nut, fiber washer, and rubber washer onto the new drain rim. Apply clear silicone to the underside of the new drain collar.

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Slide the drain rim up into the drain hole from beneath. Screw the drain collar onto the rim, making sure the hole in the drain rim faces the back. Then tighten the mounting nut to the sink from underneath. Wipe away any excess silicone that oozes out from under the drain collar. Wrap the threads of the old drain tailpiece with Teflon tape. Attach it to the drain rim. Reassemble the trap. The drain stopper and the rod that opens and closes it are part of the pop-up waste assembly.

The lift rod is screwed to a metal strap with holes that hold a horizontal ball rod.

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The other end of the ball rod catches the bottom of the stopper. In October of , Lake Berryessa remained half full, with Oct.

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Thursday afternoon, with the reservoir no longer storing water, roughly a foot of water remained above the spillway, down from the high of With California in the midst of a five-year drought, Solano County in was staring down implementing drastic drought measures by the end of if the dry period persisted. The only thing we had to do was the state mandate, which was the emergency regulations the governor put down on us.

With strict drought measures no longer needed, for about five years at least, according to King, the Monticello Dam is now firing on all cylinders. Typically, at this time of the year, the penstocks transmit roughly 50 to 60 cubic feet per second through the powerhouse, King revealed. Last week, King witnessed the maximum full rate of elevation in the reservoir of 8, cubic feet per second.

As of Thursday, King confirmed that SID is continuing to operate both penstocks and the powerhouse, sending about 2, cubic feet of water per second and roughly 1, cubic feet per second out of the glory hole now, resulting in about 3, cubic feet per second flowing down into the Putah Creek. But while water continues to spill into the Glory Hole, King predicts as soon as a week and a half from now, that will stop, with SID ramping up its deliveries. The Monticello Dam, which began construction in and commenced operations in , also is a backbone for local energy.