Le silence de la falaise (French Edition)

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Barely by the well This young fire of vinestocks lit on snow, Facing the sea, What blood beautiful as an apricot Speaks of its thirst for a mystery, consecration, metamorphosis, Which only arm desire by already inhabiting it, When death awakens it, With what it relentlessly must, to quit itself and enter itself, Inventing itself incessantly, Welcome and found like a new city A common language, The only hope able to survive then fill with meaning, everywhere, under the cliff, The empty labyrinths, —And in this vow to reach plenitude of being, In this pure movement of sap and river where perhaps an essential feast ripens, Do they give it the power, if they are more than its fables, To achieve with them the creation of the world?

Les oiseaux rusent. The same feast awaits beneath pink linden trees, In the word of questioning.

«Le monstre» d'Ingrid Falaise: choisir d'aimer encore, après la violence (ENTREVUE)

I will dare keep watch by the stones. When childhood has bathed them They will prophesy the sacrament. Already in the simple secret of the islands A single sanctuary gathers, Like great fleeces cool and green, All figures of the god upon the sea. Birds use cunning. If he moves slightly forward, Water inhabits death.

Burned strand But each time the birds return More seaweed rises from the sea. It traces glistening, questioning signs.


SAINT LAURENT rive gauche - Musée Yves Saint Laurent Paris

I will forever walk there. Later elsewhere in the selfsame space The spoken word may still rise, Still lure the roots, —Until the end. Le lendemain. Le sort du Regina Rifle fut encore plus terrible.

Loulou de la Falaise, a Muse to Yves Saint Laurent, Dies at 63

Ce fut un dur apprentissage pour les soldats canadiens. En ce 4 juillet, ce ne fut pas suffisant. Et le plus gros morceau, Caen, resta fermement aux mains des Nazis. Ils se trompaient. Les Canadiens s'en rendirent malheureusement compte. Les Canadiens allaient entendre parler d'eux.

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Toutefois, le 19, la Division avait franchi l'Orne et avait atteint la banlieue de Caen. Cependant, la chance n'allait pas lui sourire longtemps.

Three poems by Jean-Claude Renard

Contre ces troupes aguerris, les novices de la 2 e Division n'avaient aucune chance. L'attaque eut lieu aux petites heures du 25 juillet.

JS Bach - 1e Suite pour Violoncelle Seul, Prélude

She was born on May 4, , in England. She also designed prints for Halston.

Bräuer Jörg

They became one of the most glamorous couples of the era. With her ability to mix colors and attitudes, from sentimental French to exotic North African, Ms. She went to work for him in , designing jewelry and hats for his haute couture and ready-to-wear lines. She created as many as 2, pieces of jewelry a year and remained with the house until , when Saint Laurent retired.