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What every girl except me knows. Landscapes of Malaiyaha Tamil identity. Gender, drama, and nostalgia in ancient Greece.

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Ann Arbor , Mich. University of Michigan Press. Politics of language, ethnicity-identity. Farrar, Straus and Giroux. Full circles, overlapping lives. Culture and generation in transition. The secret of Castle Cant. Little, Brown and Co. Editorial de la Universidad Nacional de Rosario. Feminist metaphysics and the patterns of identity. Englishness, empire, and the locations of identity. Conversations with Benedetto Vecchi. Polity Press Blackwell Pub.

Discourses of identity in multi-ethnic London. Cultural change and the struggle for self.

Gender, place, and memory in the modern Jewish experience. London Portland , Or.

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The real Plato Jones. Culture, identity and nationalism. French Flanders in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. London Rochester , N. Royal Historical Society Boydell Press. Le droit au sens. The book of hiding. Gender, ethnicity, annihilation, and Esther. I am not Esther. Hyperion Books for Children. The psychology of gender. Impression management and information technology.

Lucy's Inheritance [Snyder Falls] (Siren Publishing Menage Amour)

Literary legacies, folklore foundations. Selfhood and cultural tradition in nineteenth and twentieth-century American literature.

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University of Tennessee Press. American national identity in presidential rhetoric. Sozialphilosophische Studien zu Kierkegaard, Adorno und Habermas. L'Europe des cultures et des langues, quels enseignements?

Body, self, and society. The view from Fiji. University of Pennsylvania Press. The real man inside: How men can recover their identity and why women can't help. Grand Rapids , Mich. Untersuchungen zur Ontologie der Beziehungen.. Construction of an identity discourse. Oriya literature and the Jagannath cult Tradition, nostalgia, and identity in modern British culture. Der Mensch im Chaos des modernen Alltags. Selbst werden in Liebe. Critical essays on contemporary European culture and society.

Identity construction "from above". Audience, representation, and the production of identity in Die Gartenlaube, University of Nebraska Press.

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Studies on nation's identity: Queer politics and beyond. Did Shakespeare anticipate Erikson's theory of identity diffusion? My search for identity. Autobiography, biography, and gender. London Thousand Oaks, Calif. Seeking identity individualism versus community in an ethnic context. University Press of Kansas. No mysteries out of ourselves.

Identity and textual form in the novels of Herman Melville. The subject of tragedy. Identity and difference in Renaissance drama. The lenses of gender. Transforming the debate on sexual inequality. Language, identity, and social division. The case of Israel. Zur reflexiven Konstruktion der sozialen Wirklichkeit in der Systemtheorie von N. Luhmann und im Symbolischen Interaktionismus von G. Ensayos sobre identidad y cultura: African cultural identity and international relations.

Like subjects, love objects. Essays on recognition and sexual difference. A Question of identity. Women, science, and literature. The undoing of literature. Home and away Australian stories of belonging and alienation. University Of Western Australia Press. Australian stories of belonging and alienation.

Catholic Social Thought Blasi Anthony J Sullins Paul D

Racial confusion in modern American literature. Personal choice in ethnic identity maintenance. Serbs, Croats, and Slovenes in Washington, D. The development of the social self. Zur Pathologie stressbedingter Interaktionen.

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Zur Rekonstruktion und Weiterentwicklung eines dialektischen Paradigmas. Images, heroes, and self-perceptions. The struggle for identity--from mask-wearing to authenticity.. Lunch walks among us. Remapping territory, citizenship, and identity in a transnational age. Johns Hopkins University Press. Territory, membership and identity in a transnational age. Identity and everyday life. Essays in the study of folklore, music, and popular culture. Thomas Eakins and the construction of Gilded Age manhood. Gay men and effeminate behavior. Human and personal identity. The shaping of Jewish identity in nineteenth-century France.

Formation and transmission among Hispanics and other minorities. Entre mythe et utopie. Pedagogy, symbolic control, and identity: Female identity conflict in clinical practice. Women's voices across musical worlds.