My Journey to Healing

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My Journey Towards Healing

Marianne Williamson. Deepak Chopra. Wayne Dyer Shakti Gawain. Christianne Northrup.. Sondra Ray. Jack Cornfield Stanislov Grof Patricia Rota Cobles. Katherine Woodward Thomas. Miguel Ruiz Anodea Judith and Robert Holden , just to name a few. I learned one common denominator which was the body ' s innate healing system kicks in when compassion.. I am dedicated to using my hands to release people ' s fascia while empowering them to live from a place of love so we can all have our power back and heal. I am now on a mission to spread my knowledge and show people how to release their stored emotions and negative energy to get on the path to self-love so they can live the happy and joyous life they deserve.

I would be honored to help you through your journey. Join me to heal yourself inside and out and reclaim the fulfilling life you are meant to have.

The big room has become Open Heart Zendo, a meditation and meeting space. My friends and neighbors in the small town where I live provide many kinds of support, such as rides to medical visits when I am too sick to drive.

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  • When I finally let go, my journey to healing started.

I am finding ways of connecting with others that don't take so much physical energy, that can take place here at my home base on a tree-lined residential street. In the process, I have learned to receive-something that is not always easy. Open Heart Zendo is a place to relax, talk, sing, meditate, and have fun.

It's really rooted in our neighborhood and in our town. Friendships are flourishing and I have a feeling of connection.

One evening a month a poetry group meets, and a singing class is held every Tuesday. I found that I love singing, and learning music is good exercise for my foggy brain.

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Getting an extra-long afternoon rest one and a half to three hours lying down is essential for me before evening activities. I've also found it helps not to schedule activities on two evenings in a row. A favorable aspect of staying home most of the time is that there is ample creative time. I'm nurtured by silence and by getting back into the natural rhythms of sunrise and sunset, activity and rest.

Most days start with two hours of meditation, inspirational audiotapes and reading, a long warm bath, and stretching. Everything else can usually wait until after 11 or a.

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Dividing physical tasks into light, medium, and heavy has enabled me to do things I didn't think I could do. For example, I have found that if I plan my time carefully and switch among tasks of different types, I can have a garden. My time in the garden might include five to 15 minutes of heavy work like digging, 15 minutes of light activity like taking out and putting away tools, and 15 minutes of a medium-difficult task like raking.

I sit down in the sun in between tasks so I can just enjoy being outdoors. With help from the Small Business Development Center, I started a home tape transcribing business a year ago. It's added a couple of hundred dollars a month, sometimes more, to my shoestring finances.

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Computer work tires me easily, so I have to pace myself during my two hours of daily work. I may get up to have a snack or play with the cat, and I take brief rests in which I lie down with my eyes closed. To keep my stress level low, I make sure my clients know that I don't do pressured work.

Attempting to Adjust

My stress level is much lower. The difficult people are out of my life. My activity level is manageable.

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My moods are better. Most important to me, my spiritual and creative life has really blossomed. I've learned to conserve energy and ask for help. Sometimes, though, I still overdo it or eat the wrong food, etc. I now believe that it would have been better to find an alternative to full-time work much sooner than I did.

‘Desperately Healed…my journey to wholeness’

When I left work, I was 20 - 25 on the self-help program's Rating Scale, and felt really horrible all the time. I'm now 30 - 35 with occasional downturns. I still have flares and remissions, but I don't push and crash any more. I feel better. I know how to say no, and how to stop before I'm overtired.

In my new life, I focus on doing things that I love and that also bring happiness to others. I also base myself in being, not doing. That means resting, meditating, avoiding rushing and stress, accepting myself as I am. It means having lots of quiet time, down time, time to reflect, time to rest and renew. Paul Cheney, a leading CFS expert. That's pretty much what has happened with me.

I'm thankful for the love, patience, and inner strength that I've learned from living with a chronic illness.