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And, Anne, once more, relax! It's only an internet discussion. Once again, have a great afternoon!

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Hope you sell something! See, we educated people argue too much! This is why, education is key! Look around you - everyone with a nice car, job, clothes, etc. Sorry, but it is the America way of life! People that do not have degrees, meant know more However, you have to prove it!

Recent Administrative Assistant Jobs

My degree says, I am the boss! Sorry, but True! People that do not have degrees, might know more Degree or NO degree The degree only pays off for the younger job searcher. No sense in a senior citizen signing up for part time classes towards a degree if their only goal is to get a job. After a certain age, you are undesirable with or without the degree. Trust me, I just had that eye-opening experience myself. That is, unless your degree is in a very specialized technical or medical field, not some liberal arts degree.

Even then, I believe the younger person with the same degree would get the job. I couldn't have put it any better myself. I can't imagine anyone going to college , earning an Associate or Bachelor's degree, and spending all that money, with the intention of making a career as a secretary or administrative assistant.

Do Secretaries Have a Future?

Employers are so close minded, all they think about is saving money, but they will loose in the end. When the economy gets stronger, soon, we hope , and the job market opens up again, these college students will go on their merry way and rightfully so. I agree too, if I had a college degree I would not be an admin. Once at my old job, they hired this girl fresh out of college to be an admin.

'Mad Men' Goes Back to the Office

It was her first office job. She didnt even know how to use excel or powerpoint which she must have lied because it was important in the group she supported. But she was young and cute and her boss loved her. With all respect, how many levels of English do you need to be a Secretary? I studied hard, and graduated from high school, with honors, and yes, I can write, spell, read, and speak English, quite well.

A great deal of "Baby Boomers" received on the job training, which is virtually unheard of today.

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I tend to believe that age discrimination is an issue, as more employers are looking for candidates with an Associate or Bachelors degree, for certain jobs which DO NOT require a degree. Yeah, I can believe that! I have seen that happen myself. She better learn quick. Cute wears off when it comes to poor job performance. Amen, sister! I have 34 years of office experience, graduated high school with straight A's, took some courses in night school community college , and I don't feel a something college grad has any better skills, knowledge, or experience than I do when it comes to providing Administrative Assistance or Office Management.

I think companies use the degree as a screening tool - to discourage the "older", or even less affluent person from applying for the job. We didn't all have the same opportunities in life, believe it or not! H in Bozeman, Montana. I went college in my mids to fulfill a goal of mine to obtain an education. Pure and simple.


My occupation has been administrative assistant since age This position worked for me until I needed to repay those student loans and found that it's extremely difficult to do on an AA salary which hasn't risen to meet the cost of living let alone the expense of education. I foolishly thought that adding a degree to my resume would increase my salary potential.

Eight years later, unfortunately, I have not found this to be the case. Everyone tells me that THEY can't take that education away from me. Unfortunately, THEY can take my home away from me. I write this as a cautionary tale to those who think that obtaining a degree might solve their problems. Make sure you have a PLAN.

College degree needed to be a secretary

I've always been against boxing myself into a corner with a specific degree or career--thinking myself more of a free spirit. Unfortunately, I did just that--boxed myself into a corner; I feel more like a slave than a free spirit. But I haven't given up. I intend to get myself out of this corner one way or another.

Stay tuned. Sharon in Atlanta, Georgia. I don't know but I'm finding that getting a job these days is like finding a needle in a hay stack. I am finding out that not only do you have to have a degree to answer the phone but you have to almost know the president that runs the company and even then, if they are not willing to help you get your foot in the door you are at square one.

I have found that companies are so worried about you having a "piece of paper" than life and work experience. I would hire someone who has work experience before I would someone with a degree. What does it prove Again as I stated I would hire a person with on the job experience before I would someone who just has a degree with some experience. My mother had a 3rd grade education and could run rings around someone with a master's degree because she had "mother-wit" and "common sense". No book can prepare you for on-hands experience.

It's just like this, i. Sharon in Atlanta, Georgia said: I don't know but I'm finding that getting a job these days is like finding a needle in a hay stack.

Yes, and now most companies do credit checks before they employ you! Defaulting on a student loan does not look good. Nancy in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Companies advertising admin positions that require a degree really annoy me to no end. I do not agree that someone who graduated from college and is in my field of work has anything extra over me.

My high school had an excellent, two-year training program for secretaries, and top students got the benefit of real work experience by being chosen to be "student secretaries" for the teachers. Happy Gal in Hanover, Maryland. Please have a sense of humor about this. I have been actively seeking out work in any type of administrative field for over a year.