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If real, why was everyone so OK with the main romantic couples? Leaving the audience to decide which, informs their opinion of the majority of the second half. One that did not happen at the time; the first states to allow interracial marriage did so in and NC not until Public opinion on such relationships is still less than satisfactory in , let alone a century earlier. All this said, the quality of production was superb. Wood-panelled mountains in the set design courtesy of scenic designer, Jayme Mellema really thrust the audience into the rustic atmosphere.

Lights in mason jars, hung like stars, evoked a strong sense of the Asheville night sky. And from band to cast, every performer dug deep into their NC roots; even if not originally from NC! Dialects were, as expected, flawless. The band however, under the excellent direction of Diane Petteway, were the stars. Bluegrass, much like its Celtic roots, is a highly fluid musical style, with rhythms and reels rolling in and out of each other like the landscape of the western counties. It felt like they were just a Bluegrass band, in a barn, in the mountains, enjoying the heck out of playing.

The music and songs are worth listening to. An overly simplistic plot, confused with racial overtones — whether in the original or this reimagining — left this Bright Star somewhat dimmed. Photo by: Ron Foreman. June 7 - 23, June 27, Card revoked. Composer Ryan Koell squanders his opportunity to present something new.

Alas, these songs are so forgettable it is a wonder the cast can remember them at all.

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Saved only by enthusiastic performances, the show sounds more like High School Musical than anything daring. But Logan is far from the only character engaged in hookups. Director Timothy E. The humor and shenanigans of Saved by the Bell and the teenage melodrama of The OC are ever-present and befitting a focus on theme: the universal quest for self-identity. The search for a queer subgroup is not universal. It is mostly about judging and objectifying the body.

The only way to make Gay Card: The Musical worthy of staging is as a satire on expectations put upon young gay men to comply with a very specific set of expectations. Since the book is so schmaltzy, the only way to sell this as parodic is to turn everything up to The characters, costuming, set, and choreography all have to explode with a certain level of cynicism. Only the super-cute and nearly all-white cast makes me think we might be at Pride.

Gay Card does not know what it wants to be. A heartwarming after-school special or a comedic satire on gay culture? We cannot tell. I'm just glad to see a rare gay play where nobody dies. Kennedy Theatre.

Duke Energy Center for the Performing Arts. Raleigh, NC. June 5 - 16, June 14, Rating: 3. Curious as to when it was that credit and loans stopped becoming bad words and, instead, symbols of financial independence? A junk bond is a guarantee on a loan, wherein the interest rate has been raised significantly because the debtor is perceived to be higher risk i.

Such bonds are something no investor would touch with a barge pole.